What We Do

Smell the spices. Taste the seasoning. From Spring to Summer and Autumn to Winter, we strive to bring you the very best local and international favourite’s right to your doorstep.

Island Stories is seriously a foodie’s haven. We have done everything from Private Lunch for 6 to Weddings for over 600. Food is our passion, but serving you is our greatest pleasure.


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Event and Conference

Sit back, relax, take it all in. Our innovative chefs have the capability to create a menu based on diverse dietary requirements and Food preferences. From mouth-watering canapés, classic sandwiches, our wide range of party food to platters, we have done it all.

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Private Dining

A special experience. Incredible Food, very attentive service under your roof at your own pace. Island Stories offer a unique dining experience to its guests. We are here to satisfy all your gastronomic desires to make it a perfect day.

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Exchanging vows ought to be a wow experience all the way, from the bride & groom to the magic of the ceremony. From intimate gatherings to traditional ceremonies to extravagant and whimsical themed galas, our savvy team at Island Stories can do it all. Ensuring your special moment is simply perfect, and leaving the bride and groom free to relax and enjoy it.

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Street Food

Understated, unassuming but with an unexpected twist. Simplicity worked to perfection. Our Street Food are Street Food, no tricks or gimmicks. Sri Lanka’s Kottu Rotti, Jamaica’s Jerk Chicken to our own Fish and Chips.

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Entertainment and Festival

We are humble to be working alongside the UK’s best venues and festivals. For us this is an opportunity to bring the public what they want. From VIP guests and artists, cast and crew to audience and public.